Zero indicates the highest quality!

The Kemp Zero series is a series of speaker stands and hifi racks produced by
Bata Knezevic, introduced in 2013. It is a quality label Kemp uses for its product to indicate that
a product is built trough the highest standards, with the best materials and with some unique features.

It forms the top-class of regular production models.
It is related to the other quality label Kemp uses, Pro (upgrade of the standard models).

The main feature of Zero quality is the use of utter quality material spikes, screws and other details.

It's about the quality of stainless steel used in medicine. So the new spikes and screws
are, in addition to having an aesthetic dimension, in the true sense of the word - eternal.

All products that have the Zero label, are using a special type of 3M dumpers.