The beginning was for the pure love of audio technology and luckily it was always the case up untill now!
Way back in 1998., in family workshop in Petrovaradin, the first stand, Potenza, was created.
That it was a great debut testifies great sales over the years and this stand became a sort of legend
among model Hi Fi devotees of this region.
Later, the new models of stands and racks were coming down in a string
and painstakingly proving the market.

Through the process of manufacturing we were gaining the necessary experience,
choosing the best materials and improving production.
We have found that this is a lengthy and difficult process and requires a lot of energy and working hours,
but when the product is finished, rack and stand, better and more functional,
you understand that all the effort was justified.

From our workshops can not be released a stand or a rack that is not perfectly made!
That is why we do not receive any claims, the customer are receiving only high quality products.

We use the latest equipment and technology, the materials are carefully selected
and the quality control is very strict.

Our approach to the customers is fully professional, but we look at them mainly as an audiophiles
and listen carefully to their needs and desires in order to better understand it.
This approach allows our mutual satisfaction after making of the product.