1. Why are essential speaker stands?

Stands are essential for small, bookshelf sound boxes in order to achieve maximum sonic performance.
In addition to good looks high quality rack must fullfill few other acoustic requirements. The first requirement
is that the rack fits loudspeaker's height and we should not ignore the width and depth of the rack either.

Stand's height is mostly projected that way, that the tweeter shuld be at ear level of the seating listener.
Another important role of the stands is to separate the box from the outside influences and this is achieved
by installing spike footers on the bottom plate. At the same time quality dumpers in the top panel
are absorbing all the unwanted vibrations of the sound box itself and providing stability.

2. Why are the racks required for audio devices?

Racks are also designed to isolate sensitive devices like CD/DVD player, turntable, tube-like devices from a variety
of external vibrations which are substantially downgrading their performance.

All shelves are open, ensuring maximum heat dissipation of the device (extending their useful life),
easy to manage devices (changing cables, dusting ... ).

3. Price/quality ratio of KEMP products

All our products are made to the highest standards, both in the choice of materials and in the finish processing.
Compared to the much global brands our prices are much lower and our quality workmanship visibly better.

4. Does height stands include spikes?

Yes, stand's height and the overall height of the racks are given with spikes and dumpers incuded.

5. Is the price referring to a pair of stands?

All prices for stands are related to the pair, while the racks proces varies with the number of levels.

6. Are the spikes damaging the floor?

Yes, spikes are damaging the floor, so you need to use the stand for the spikes
so called "spike footers" or "spike shoes" - steel discs with a conical dent in the middle

7. Can stands be filled with sand or lead shot?

Yes, all of KEMP stands are designed for filling with sand or lead shot - moreover we recommend filling
to further increase stability and thus the damping factor.

8. Quartz or plain sand?

Quartz sand is a much better choice, because it is completely dry and does not absorb moisture.