Large rectangular tube provides a big reservoir that can be
filled with sand and lead. Top and bottom plates, along with the
connecting tube, make an elegant design form. Equipped with Zero Set.

Rigid speaker stands made of steel pokes
combining classic design and robust support for most speakers.

Supplied with top 3M Bumpers (isolation pads) and adjustable floor spikes.
Use Spike Footers to minimise sonic interference, suitable for all floor surfaces.

Can be filled with sand/lead for greater stability.


 Overall Heights  600, 700 mm
 Top Plate  160 x 200 mm, thickness 5 mm
 Bottom Plate  235 x 290 mm, thickness 5 mm
 Weight (each)  7,9 kg / 12,4 kg (with send)
 Material  Steel
 Finish  Powder coating

Available colors: